jCounter (a jQuery countdown plugin) – first release

After doing a basic tutorial on creating a jQuery countdown plugin, I’ve been getting many requests regarding its functionality, so I’ve decided to rewrite it and make a release of a more stable version with more control.

Here are a few new things:

  • server-side timezone support to ensure accurate date-based countdowns
  • more control with native methods (stop, start, reset, pause)
  • it creates not only countdowns, but also countups based on custom values
  • it can run multiple independent instances etc.

Right now it’s in BETA, as I’m still improving it here and there.

You could help a lot by checking it out and by sending me both positive and negative feedback to catalin (at) devingredients (dot) com

jCounter page: https://devingredients.com/jcounter


My name is Cătălin Berța and I'm a front-end web developer. I was born in Focsani, Romania and currently living in Bucharest. Started playing with some good old html tables ever since 2004 as a hobby, turned out to be a full-time career! :) I've had the chances to experience and witness web development's rapid growth over the years where I've mainly focused on front-end web technologies.

4 thoughts on “jCounter (a jQuery countdown plugin) – first release

  1. This looks awesome Catalin.In a few seconds the css file can be changed to alter the appearance.It is going to be a nice,neat,easy to use counter/count down or timer.Thanks for sharing it

  2. This is an awesome light-weight plugin! I’m going to be using this in one of my theme templates and I’ll let you know when I’ve completed it. Really excited for future releases. I’ll be sure to post about it.

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