The Google Feedburner is NOT closing down.

I felt like jumping in this little silly propaganda of this “Feedburner riot” where people started yelling how Google is going to shutdown Feedburner and all bloggers will lose their feed service and their subscribed users.

To put it simple, you, as a Blogger, who only uses feedburner to share your feed, you will ‘still’ be able to do this for a very long time.

Google has indeed shutdown the feedburner ‘API’, but that’s a different story and the API is just a service tied up to Feedburner, you (as a blogger) will NOT be affected.
What’s going to be affected by this API deprecation? Some Web Applications that handle feeds via Feedburner’s API.

If you’re still uncertain, the shutdown was set for 20th october 2012, it’s 21st today :)

P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if the alternative service of Feedburner is behind this little riot and all the articles of it.

You don’t know who the alternative service is? You should, ALL these revolting articles recommend it. A paid service, that is… heh



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