Optimizing and organizing your CSS code

As how we semantically approach our HTML code for a better structured mark-up, that’s how we need to approach CSS as well.

Setting global and local styles.
You probably haven’t heard of ‘local styles’ because I pretty much named them now and I like to think of ‘local styles’ as those we set for certain regions in our HTML document, like a box model which we can reuse throughout our document, while thinking of ‘global styles’ as those we set for the entire document, like links, heading tags and so on.

Often we meet stylesheets that contain overly used CSS … Read article

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Should we always run away from tables?

I’m having second thoughts about writing this article, suddenly I feel under thousands of web developers about to shred me apart! :)
Aheem, like most web developers, I’m crazy, if not obsessed, about semantic mark-up and that’s why I still see the table’s great, if not, unique role.

Web designers do not run away from tables, but rather stopped using them design-wise.
CSS has been here for a very long time, but it only became popular when CSS 2.0 was out, until that point, tables were used to arrange most of the HTML elements (i.e. lists, images, text etc), which was … Read article

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