Merging from HTML4 to HTML5

If HTML5 is here now, it does not mean that the previously HTML4 built web pages cannot benefit the new technology. In the next few years, HTML5 will change web communication greatly, we’re looking at new indexing methods, more accurate search engine results, richer APIs and web applications, greater accessibility and the list goes on.

With over 250 million websites all over the web, there is unimaginable and priceless information, content that deserves the exposure and attention that HTML5 is focusing on. It’s pretty much our job to make all that content more accessible by updating older HTML4 structures with … Read article

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Smart HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr

As I’ve mentioned in the previous article, with some help from Modernizr, CSS3 can be safely applied, at least to some extent. So let’s see it in action!

To break the ice, we’re going to start with the border-radius property, enhance an element for css3-enabled browsers and also ensure the element’s design and accessibility for non-css3 enabled browsers, thus, providing progressive enhancement.

I want to make sure I am not confusing anyone about CSS3’s implementation with Modernizr, so I’m going to show how it’s done without it as well.

For this example, we have a regular paragraph inside a box … Read article

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