The Google Feedburner is NOT closing down.

I felt like jumping in this little silly propaganda of this “Feedburner riot” where people started yelling how Google is going to shutdown Feedburner and all bloggers will lose their feed service and their subscribed users.

To put it simple, you, as a Blogger, who only uses feedburner to share your feed, you will ‘still’ be able to do this for a very long time.

Google has indeed shutdown the feedburner ‘API’, but that’s a different story and the API is just a service tied up to Feedburner, you (as a blogger) will NOT be affected.
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Appreciating commentators and contributors

Comments on blogs are now harshly viewed, both article writers and readers see comments as spam traffic.
I’m not really going to say no to that, since a lot of advertising is being done through blog comments, but not all comments are spam and that’s why bloggers have to be extra careful and embrace the contributing relevant comments and I personally disagree with the ‘NoFollow’ tag on the commentator’s website link.

I feel that a DoFollow link towards their website is a normal way to appreciate their contribution for commenting on articles and it’s the article author’s job to check … Read article

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DevIngredient’s Christmas gifts

Christmas is almost here! And we’re all getting ready to enjoy the most beautiful days of the year with our loved ones, share and gift those around us and most importantly, help others.

On the 20th December, the top 5 commentators and 3 other commentators with the most contributive comments will be contacted via e-mail to choose one of the following:

  • A link in my blogroll until the end of January 2011
  • An ad block until the end of January 2011 (a 125×125 banner will be needed)
  • A guest post or an interview on your blog (if you own one
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About me

And.. my very own first post! how exciting! :)

Hello everyone! and welcome to DevIngredients.
My name is Catalin Berta, I’m from Romania, born in 1984 and most importantly for you, I’m a web developer. I might be old fashioned but I’d like to start by saying that I am no expert! Like mostly everyone, I’m still learning a lot as I go, however, I do have plenty of years behind where I’ve dealt with various web projects and customers that helped me greatly, I’ll probably post about a few of them at some point.

Now I’ve decided to dedicate some … Read article

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