DevIngredient’s Christmas gifts

Christmas is almost here! And we’re all getting ready to enjoy the most beautiful days of the year with our loved ones, share and gift those around us and most importantly, help others.

On the 20th December, the top 5 commentators and 3 other commentators with the most contributive comments will be contacted via e-mail to choose one of the following:

  • A link in my blogroll until the end of January 2011
  • An ad block until the end of January 2011 (a 125×125 banner will be needed)
  • A guest post or an interview on your blog (if you own one :P)

This blog was launched right after the last PR update, so it’s pretty new, though the next PR update should be somewhere at the end of 2010, hoping for a PR2, along with that, I hope the backlinks will somewhat help you :-)

The 8 winners will be announced in this post, see you on the 20th!

UPDATE (20-12-2010):

Like I said, I’ll update this post with the winners. As promised, here they are:

  • CRM Software (won as a top commentator)
  • Cole Stan (won as a top commentator)
  • Greg Urbano (won as a top commentator)
  • Mr McIntoshbusy (won as a top commentator)
  • Mae (won as a top commentator)
  • Mary Pahwa (won with one of the most contributive comments)
  • Jeff (won with one of the most contributive comments)
  • Using CSS (won with one of the most contributive comments)

All have been contacted via e-mail to choose their gift :-)

Merry Christmas!


My name is Cătălin Berța and I'm a front-end web developer. I was born in Focsani, Romania and currently living in Bucharest. Started playing with some good old html tables ever since 2004 as a hobby, turned out to be a full-time career! :) I've had the chances to experience and witness web development's rapid growth over the years where I've mainly focused on front-end web technologies.

8 thoughts on “DevIngredient’s Christmas gifts

  1. You are offering a great deal with the commenters! At least they can get a great link from this blog with a decent PR in that time. So why not considering making more comments….

    1. I’m thankful for your positive feedback to my gifting idea, I cannot control how many comments I get though.
      I am, however, considering monthly prizes for my contributors :-)

  2. Yes, you are right Cole Stan,

    However, allowing commenting on blogs gives lots of ideas, tips and advices to enhance blogging skills as well.

    On the other hand it is also increase traffic to the website giving dynamic and fresh content as well.

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