31 Jan 2015
Post Thumbnail of Spritesheet animations in WebGL/Canvas using EaselJS

If you want to add fast spritesheet animations, for example, with generated particle spritesheets, then you can use EaselJS.
EaselJS is part of the CreateJS suite, it is an HTML5 Canvas library and it has grown quite the popularity. One of its components is the Spritesheet Animations.
It has always been using …

20 May 2014
Post Thumbnail of Inline versus Block Elements (special guest: float)

In HTML, there are two types of elements, inline and block elements.
Most know about them, use them, but do not fully grasp their difference and behavior and thus, stumble upon numerous layout rendering issues.
To use CSS at its best, you need to understand this very basic concept of HTML element …

21 Jan 2013
Post Thumbnail of The Google Feedburner is NOT closing down.

I felt like jumping in this little silly propaganda of this “Feedburner riot” where people started yelling how Google is going to shutdown Feedburner and all bloggers will lose their feed service and their subscribed users.
To put it simple, you, as a Blogger, who only uses feedburner to share your …

26 Sep 2012
Post Thumbnail of jCounter (a jQuery countdown plugin) - first release

After doing a basic tutorial on creating a jQuery countdown plugin, I’ve been getting many requests regarding its functionality, so I’ve decided to rewrite it and make a release of a more stable version with more control.
Here are a few new things:

server-side timezone support to ensure accurate date-based …

22 Nov 2011
Post Thumbnail of Building an extensible jQuery countdown plugin from scratch

UPDATE!I’ve made an official release of this plugin, click here and check it out
It has been some time since I’ve last posted, I’ve been far too busy with a project I’ve been working on the past several months, but it’s almost ready and I hope I’ll get back to my …

16 Jul 2011
Post Thumbnail of Using the Reset Stylesheet

This is certainly one thing a web designer can’t live without, it has been here for years and many developers have even built their own customized reset stylesheets. Though don’t be surprised, there are developers who still haven’t heard of this technique or haven’t found a use for it.
The most …

20 Jun 2011
Post Thumbnail of Checking Your HTML Structure with HTML5 Outliner

There’s this great tool I’ve been using lately to check my HTML5 structures and assure myself that all the new elements have been placed correctly and have the necessary headings.
HTML5 requires all the new structural elements to have a heading, now if you’re meeting situations where a heading does not …

6 Jun 2011
Post Thumbnail of DIVs role in HTML5

Once we have been progressively adopting the HTML5 technology more and more each day lately, the well known “NO MORE DIVs” propaganda took place.
I was surprised to see that “Divless layouts” already got promoted on some template websites, using the new HTML5 structural elements. Is it me, or we’re …

18 May 2011
Post Thumbnail of Time saving project starter kit

It’s time to talk a bit about some time-saving techniques.
Both graphic and web designers lose precious time rebuilding the same graphic elements, recreating browser form elements, coding the same code blocks, finding doctype syntaxes and what not. Just imagine how much you’d improve your web design workflow by having all …

3 May 2011
Post Thumbnail of Populate a select dropdown list with jQuery

It’s common to meet situations where you want a dropdown list to be updated depending on a visitor’s input.
Let’s say we have a contact form and we want to list contact names according to the department the visitor selects. Namely, in our case, we’ll have different contact names for the …

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